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9261-4486 Québec Inc.

RBQ : 5647-8613-01







We work with a network of competent, reliable and competitive subcontractors. We look for the best prices. Our clients benefit from the best prices: our detailed analysis procedures allow to obtain precise, complete and highly competitive bids/proposals.


Project management

Whether the project is a new construction or a renovation, we offer fixed price, construction management, turnkey and cost-plus projects.

Our clients can rely on our highly qualified and experienced team work. In all your project phases, it assures quality of work, schedule reliability and good budget management.

In order to maintain a sustained production rate, our construction sites are under constant surveillance and site quality, safety and cleanliness are at the heart of our concerns.


The preliminary project/design development is the perfect opportunity to check the budget of a project. It is indeed at this stage that we can minimize our clients’ expenses by carefully establishing operational costs and the construction schedule.

We offer solutions allowing considerable savings, without compromising quality and deadlines/schedule.

Alphaco adapts to the needs of each of its clients.

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